Estimate Your Data Usage

The combined activities of all the devices accessing your internet connection affect your monthly data usage. This includes internet connections by computers, tablets, mobile phones, smart TVs and gaming consoles, smart appliances and thermostats, security systems and cameras, printers, etc.

Use the Quick Data Calculator or the Advanced Data Calculator below to help you estimate your entire household Internet data usage.

Quick Data Calculator

Step 1: What do you do online?

Surf & Email

Movies & Music

Gaming & file sharing

Step 2: How much do you use the internet daily?


Few devices / users


More devices / users


Many devices / users

Advanced Data Calculator

Consider the combined usage of all members of your household.

Stream an HD Movie

0 Movies 0 GB

Stream an SD Movie

0 Movies 0 GB

Download HD Pictures

0 Hours 0 GB

Browsing the Web

0 Hours 0 GB

Gaming For an Hour

0 Hours 0 GB

Streaming Music For an Hour

0 Hours 0 GB

Downloading Emails

0 Emails 0 GB

Download Songs

0 Songs 0 GB
0 GB
1500 GB